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A boy smiling while painting at an easel. A group of children gathered around Pastor in the Chapel. A boy and a girl smiling through a playground window. Children and teachers with a uniformed fireman in front of a fire truck. The children are all wearing small fireman's hats. A girl in a classroom, smiling and holding an American flag.

Welcome to St. John's Early Childhood Center

“Where a Love of Learning and God Grow!”

We're glad that you're considering joining our school as you begin your child's educational journey. St. John's Early Childhood Center has been serving the community since 1999. Known for its knowledgeable and nurturing staff, the Early Childhood Center is well versed in child development and appropriate practice.

Programs for two, three and four-year old children are offered and curricula are taught through sensory learning and always developmentally appropriate. We are very proud of our programs, which consistently get high marks from our parents!

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Parents are saying...
The school is a nurturing and safe environment.
Our family had a wonderful experience at St. John's Lutheran. Our only regret is that we didn't enroll our children earlier.
The memories, stories, and warmth they share about this special place mean so much to a parent.