Add - On Programs:

All programs run from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

Offered during the School Year and Summer Program.

Super Soccer Stars

Teaches the fundamentals in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment!

Soccer Stars offers age-specific curricula that develop skills, encourage teamwork, and build self-confidence. 

Pricing: $275 - 12 week session, including jersey

Amazing Athletes

A multi-sport program that introduces the fundamentals of 10 sports in a fun non-competitive environment, helping kids develop physical literacy, learn about nutrition and muscle identification, and master 6 key gross motor skills. 

Amazing Athletes: Tots

A toddler discovery-based program that combines structured physical activities, education, and fun! Toddlers learn one of four sports using color, shapes, letters, and action vocabulary.

Pricing: $80 per month, including t-shirt

Karate Zoo

A high-energy, progression-based program that teaches the fundamentals of martial arts in a safe and nurturing environment. With Muscle Zoo characters, kids are taught karate skills and values like discipline, patience, and respect. 

Pricing: $240 - 12 week session, including t-Shirt

Mobile LI Elite Gymnastics

Designed to keep preschool children active and engaged while developing coordination, strength, and flexibility. Kids learn patience, work cooperatively, how to follow safety rules and multi-step directions, all while having fun on the obstacle course, balance beam, and tumbling blocks!

Pricing: $100 per month

Tippi Toes Dance

Music, movement, balance, and basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, engaging, and positive manner.

Dance builds self-confidence and gives kids an opportunity to shine!

Pricing: $92 per month

Cooking Explorers

Children safely explore different foods and techniques in the kitchen to make tasty treats! 

Each class consists of a cooking story, an activity, or a craft, followed by supervised cooking instruction.

Pricing: $125 starting price - 5-8 week sessions